November 07, 2006

Special Delivery 2!! :)

So y'all couldn't possibly think that I'd only post 1 time about this historic day did ya?! :) No way! I have to pick and choose the pictures that I put on here since between my mom's and my cameras...we have about 100 picts! Anyways, so the story continues...I wanted to say one thing about the "special delivery". These are the words that the prosthetists use when they give the new prosthesis to the "customer". I was thinking about that word, "delivery" and know what? It IS like a New Birth...we've waited for this day for 4 months, a wonderful day of seeing Chloe on two feet again and enjoying the heck out of life as God's given her! She has a "new lease" on life...a life filled with possibilities and endless options, a life truly blessed by her Creator God!

More "runway" WALKING (who knows, maybe this will be in her future?? :) Mary was on one end and Nancy (Chloe's physical therapist, who we LOVE) was on the other. Alex was the spectator! :)

Checking herself out...oooh, baby, I'm lookin' GOOD!! :)

Nancy has been with Chloe since the beginng and is FANTASTIC with her! PTL that she is the one to work with Chloe and her new leg!

BIG HUGS for Nancy!!! :)

One of the things that Chloe listed when she talked about getting her new leg was KICKING a BALL...guess what she got to do this day? Yepper...check her out!!

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David and Erin James said...

oh go ahead and put all 100 pictures on- I love em! They are soooo great!

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