November 24, 2006

Keep on prayin'!! :)

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to ask you to keep praying for my friend, April (see posts below on Markley family)! They are still in Australia and she has an appointment on Monday with the Drs there in Cairns. Pray for discernment and wisdom for the Drs as they advise her about travel and what they can/can't be doing in the next few months. Pray for clear direction and confirming peace for April and Jeremiah as they make decisions in the next few days. Last time I talked with April, she was feeling well and ready to scope out Cairns...which is exactly like my zesty friend! So pray she takes it easy and rests lots!! :)
Thank you SO much for praying, it means the world to us and to the Markleys, I'm sure!
(isn't April a cute preggo??!!) :) :)

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