November 24, 2006

A day at the playground 2

I TRIED to tell Erinn that she was just too big to play anymore...but she wouldn't listen to me! Ha!! :)

Look at Chloe GO!

My 1000% BOY the daredevil...things that make you cringe as a mother but SO FUN!!! :)

Abraham LOVED fun can you get?

Chloe loved this too...Abraham is playing it cool with his finger in his mouth, like yeah, no biggie! :) Don't you think my sis is pretty brave??! :)


Anonymous said...

Don't you know us "big kids" need to have fun too? Thanks for posting pictures of Erinn and the baby too. I enjoy keeping up with your family.
Happy Thanksgiving
Laura Gilpatric

Anonymous said...

you are getting GOOD at your blog page set up. I love it!

David and Erin James said...

those are great funtime pictures. chloe and alex sure know how to play!

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