November 02, 2006

Alex's Art Showing

Yes, it's official...we have an Artfully skilled child in our midst! :) One of Alex's art projects was put on display (he was 1 of 3 chosen) at the Board of Education's office in town. We were pretty stinking proud of our boy and thought we'd share some picts with y'all!! :) How fun is life with kids?!

A very proud sister with her "famous" brother! ;)

It was so cool to be jazzed with Alex about something he had accomplished!

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David and Erin James said...

Congratulations Alex, that is some pretty excellent work! Very cool!

and Kari, ooops. I forgot about your birthday, I mean I thought about it before your birthday but then I forgot... Well, Happy Belated Birthday!:) Looks like you had a great time, everyone that knows you is blessed.

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