October 27, 2006

The making of Chloe's new leg pt. 2!

Just some more picts...

Chloe was so excited to stand up that she kept hopping and laughing! What a fun day!

The tan thing is a soft sock that goes over the green silicone liner, then there is a white thin nylon sock overtop the tan sock. Just padding, padding and more padding for her leg.

My little lovebug...what a precious gift and joy to my heart! :)

Chloe LOVES to pretend that the leg is an elephant nose...she found out that the leg echoes when you talk into it! Only Chloe!! :)

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Vanessa said...


You do not know me, but I have known Jo Miller since she and I were teenagers. In fact, I saw her and many other members of her family a few weeks ago at a family gathering at the Miller home.

She has been sharing the Chloe updates with me since day one, and I was thrilled to see the latest ones and visit the blog.

The pictures of Chloe exploring her new leg are just wonderful--they brought tears of joy to my eyes. It sounds like she is making an amazing adjustment to the prosthetic leg and will do well with it. I had to laugh at the picture of her demonstrating its elephant-trunk-like, echoe-making side.

For the record, I am visually impaired, and have been so since about fifteen months of age. I was born totally blind, but a number of eye operations during both childhood and adulthood have restored some useful (often called residual) vision. I use a guide dog, work as a social worker, and own my own home (at least the part that has been paid for as I make those monthly mortgage payments). I am a Christian, and I know that God has blessed me tremendously. While He has not chosen at this time to heal me (and I know that He could do so if it was His will), He has given me the skills to live an independent and successful life. He will continue to bless me just as I know He is blessing Chloe.

I am continuing to keep your family in my prayers, and I will look forward to many more updates from Jo. I also plan to make frequent visits to this blog.

God bless you and your family.

Vanessa and Griffin (my Seeing Eye dog)

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