May 04, 2006

Kitchen, living room, outside of our house

Kitchen table/dining area and door to back porch

Front porch with cane chairs made in Madang

The front of the house, it was specifically for orientation families like us to stay in

The kitchen with some "hot stuff" in it!! :) (on the right is the hallway back to the bedrooms)

The living room (with more borrowed furniture!) with a door to the front porch, notice LOTS of windows...helped to let in the breeze to cool us off!!

All of the houses on base were "kit houses" except one. Meaning that the houses came in sections and the workers and guys on base built them fairly quickly. The inside wiring, etc was done but a company in town. Joel helped out on a few of these houses. Now there are 11 houses on base! It was such a blessing to stay on base, before us the orientation families stayed in town. With town being about a 15 minute drive, it made it difficult for them to get "good Pidgin" and to have contact with the support staff on base. The houses were beautiful and by far the largest our family had lived in so far!! :)

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