May 26, 2006

The container arrives in Madang!!

(this was just a cruise ship in port, but it's where the container came in as well)
Alot of you know that months before we left for Madang, we shipped off our belongings down to MO to be packed into a container and shipped over to Madang. We waited for about 6 months to see our when the ship pulled into port, we were all VERY excited! :) Thanks so much for your prayers!

After the crates were unloaded from the ship, we trucked them out to the base to be cleared by the customs official and then dispersed to all the eager missionaries!

We had four crates of belongings...let me just tell you, when we opened them it was like a breath of fresh air from America! Everything smelled so wonderful and was bright and clean, it was like a late Christmas for us on base. :) It took us a while to get it unpacked but it was a wonderful feeling to set up our "new" house with our own things! What a long awaited blessing.

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