July 03, 2015

Life to the Fullest

One of my favorite things to do on this date, is to pause and take time to look back over the past year to see what God has done in Chloe's life and how far He has brought her.  It is such a faith builder for me personally and I pray that it will be for Chloe too one day.  Physically, Chloe has had a phenomenal year with no issues with pain or problems with her prosthesis.  Emotionally, she has also had a phenomenal year with incredible growth, maturity and her increasing ability to OWN who she is, to shine brightly and to THRIVE in her world!  This amazing girl is such an example to all those around her, especially her family.  Chloe is the last one to complain, the last one to look for sympathy, and the last one to make excuses.  She is full of compassion, love, gentleness and joy!  She excels in everything she does with such passion, commitment and tenacity to grow and improve every day.  Every year I am blown away by the opportunities that God opens up to her, many of which are possible because of the "accident" that happened 9 years ago today.  

How is it possible that 9 years have passed since the day that rocked our world and shook us to the very core?  You know the saying, time heals all wounds.  In many ways I would agree with this - most of the time I go throughout my days never thinking about that terrible season.  I am able to talk about it freely and I am able to share with others Chloe's story of how God spared her life and redirected her path in such a way that is more incredible than I ever could've imagined.  Chloe has gone through very difficult and dark days but I know without a shadow of a doubt that God never left her and that He is actively at work bringing incredible beauty from those ashes.  These days I don't struggle with a longing to change her path, to make it better, to fix it or trade places with her - not that I don't struggle ever.  That's just called being a mama :).  But as Chloe grows and matures, my faith grows and matures as I watch God gently unfold all these amazing things He's doing in her and through her.  And honestly, I stand amazed and in awe of the beauty that flows from this girl that God has gifted to us for a time.  As the years pass, I am painfully aware that time with Chloe at home with us grows shorter.  And so we jump in with both feet to everything we can join her in and together we are able to enjoy the ride that God has us on as a family.  Our future, Chloe's future is very bright because God is the one that hold it in His hands.  

I say the same thing every July 3rd and I will continue to say it every day, that God is good all the time…and all the time God is good.  

The past year for Chloe in pictures, most recent ones first...It's been such an incredible year!  

Chloe and Alex enjoy a trip to Toronto with the family this summer.

Chloe begins summer softball league for 2015.

Chloe was chosen with 19 other amputee kids to fly out to spend a week in California at theWounded Warrior Amputee Softball Kids Camp.  It was one of the most incredible weeks she's ever had!  The inspiration given by these amazing Vets was awesome!  The connection they had with the kids was magical, I cannot even describe it in words.  

The Big Game - WWAST kids camp.  Lightning vs Thunder :)

For the first time, Chloe met and made friends with girls her age who were also amputees.  Every other camp, Chloe has always made friends with siblings of amputee kids.  So this was a first, an incredible first!! 

The guys were so awesome, spending time working with, teaching, encouraging and inspiring our kids to grow, succeed, improve and excel!  Their motto: Life Without Limbs is Limitless. How true!!

Chloe got to take a weekend trip to NYC with her 6th grade class this May.  What a fun time!! 

Soooo thrilled to go with her!!!

Chloe "aka" Smash - continues to love playing softball!!  

For the first time in 9 years, Chloe decided to do an open design with her leg.  She went with a zebra design which I think is the coolest thing ever!!!  We are SO proud of our girl and the beautiful amazing young lady she is becoming! 

First concert with her BFF

Much to celebrate at Christmas! 

Chloe had a part in her school Christmas play.

Tackling the bungee trampoline at Camp No Limits in Maine.  

Working on her PT and biking skills at CNL.  

Rocking our CNL shirts at the showing of Dolphin Tale 2!

First day of 6th grade at her new school (joining Alex).

Conquering the giant swing at Camp No limits in Maryland. 

Zip line fun!

Wet zip line, goes right into the water!! Talk about facing your fear! 

Loving her open design leg at Mrytle Beach!  Less hassle for swimming and less questions asked!! 

Our family - such a blessed gift from God!  


G-dad said...

Truly, today we do not mourn for what was lost--we do REJOICE in the life that was entrusted to this family in our CHLOE-girl! It was a terrifying moment in time, a nano-second when the world spun out of control, upside down...but how miraculously those moments have been overshadowed by His Grace & Mercy---and by the beauty of Chloe's gorgeous smile, her amazing, genuine "wrap-your-arms-around-me" hugs, by tender, endearing love words spoken just before bedtime....and by a ZEST for LIVING, for LIFE that most often leaves us "giggly-breathless". THAT is our CoCo, our amazing Chloe-girl. We have been privileged to watch as our FATHER unfolds the beauty of her life right in front of our wondering eyes...like the most beautiful of roses opening up to meet the sun! CHLOE, you are amazing!! You bring such Sunshine into our hearts! We love you longtime & forever, to the moon & way, way, way beyond! Hugs, Gdad & Mimi (PS. "Don't let the bed bugs bite!!")

G-dad said...

Love you

G-dad said...

Truly, we do not mourn what was lost, rather we REJOICE in what was given back to this family in the life of CHLOE ABIGAIL! In a single terrifying moment, a nano-second of time our world stood still, then turned upside-down...but now,those moments have been overshadowed by His amazing Love, Mercy, & Grace and by the beauty of Chloe's smile, by her sweet, radiant face, by her endearing & kind words, by her genuine "wrap-her-arms-around-you" hugs...and by her ZEST for Life and for Living that leaves us breathlessly giggly!! She is an amazing young lady and we are privileged to watch our Father unfold her life like a beautiful rose unfolding its delicate petals to face the sun! CoCo, you captured our hearts from the moment we first set eyes on you. We love you longtime and forever.....to the moon and way, way, way beyond!! HUGS, Gdad & Mimi Jer. 17:7, 8

G-dad said...

I will never, never forget the words of comfort the Lord God gave me driving down to Johns Hopkins on the day after my "Bright Eyes'" accident on 7-3-06 I heard HIM clearly speak this deeply into my heart, "I did not do this TO her, I did it FOR her." His message to me has carried me yet for these ten years now. I do not know what He will do with Chloe but I have clung to His promise and never doubted. Please God, allow me to live long enough to see how Your perfect will s revealed in her.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in [any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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