May 16, 2010

The Incredible Machine

It has been a summertime tradition for my mom, my sister and I to see Kenny Chesney in concert for a few years now. When we heard that Kenny wasn't touring this summer we were pretty bummed until we realized that Sugarland was! :D So, we got our 3 tickets for their Incredible Machine tour. As a surprise to us all, my sister had her sweet baby boy, Kennedy 5 weeks early. Tonight is the concert and it is also the day Kennedy comes home from the NICU. And so we are thrilled to pieces that Kennedy is healthy and going home where he belongs...we are so sad that Erinn will not be joining us this concert. I hope my dad can keep up with us tonight!!! And Erinn, we'll take lots of picts and be wishing you were there with us!! xoxo

And too cool, Danny Gokey is opening for them...

Hopefully this year Merriweather won't turn us away at the gate because of our camera!!! ;)

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Diana said...

Sounds awesome!

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