March 16, 2010

{ Inspiration }

~ Inspire ~

to encourage

Thoughts of inspiration have been twirling around in my mind the last few days. I've been trying to search for the answer to 'How do I inspire those around me?'. To answer that question I have to start with where my own personal inspiration comes from.

The source of my inspiration is God the Father. He is everything and without Him I am nothing. My belief in Jesus is the anchor of my soul and the rock of my life. He brings vibrant color to everything around me. Knowing Jesus is total inspiration and that spills out all over the place!

I am surrounded by so many wonderful, beautiful and inspiring family, friends and some soon-to-be friends. They compel me to be a better person. And my fervent desire is that they are likewise inspired by me. I have lived a blessed life but not one without its sorrows or pain. God has allowed me to experience the death of a dream, hurtful betrayal, severe disappointment, the loss of reputation and the right to explain myself, starting life over from nothing and a parent's worst nightmare - the agony of watching my child suffer physically and emotionally.

How I long for people to be able to look at my life and see Jesus' fingerprints all over it. To know that after walking through dark times they can/will come out on the other side. There is reason to hope and to laugh. To inspire others to embrace and be confident of who they are created to be. To accept and glory in differences and uniqueness. To live life to the fullest...all in, 100%, holding nothing back. To smile more and frown less. To laugh more than they cry. To see beauty in the most unlikely places.

Photography is my outlet to express that hope and beauty and zest for life. It inspires me. I love the way once in a lifetime moments are preserved on film forever. The way a glance at a photograph can bring back all the memories of that time...the warmth of a touch, the smell on the air and the pure emotion that filled that space. The way something plain or common transforms into a work of art. The way beauty is captured and magnified for all to see. The way it allows us a taste of something special and amazing and it leaves you aching for more.

Honestly, my life is very full with being a wife and mama, with work and the daily grind. I am unable to enjoy photography as I wish. Often I feel constrained by time, finances and position. I don't want to let these things prevent me from dreaming. And I can't wait for the day I can devote more of my time and energy to photography.

So when I read about Amy Wenzel's workshop I got so excited!! Her story and spirit is enough to inspire the britches off ya, wow! This workshop is the very thing I've been needing and wanting. To be with others who share the same passion and to glean from those who are proficient in this field. To soak it all in and let it be a spring board for my journey. I know, it's a dream but it's my dream. And I hunger for it even though it seems so impossible. I want to go for it and I want those around me to feel the same way about their dreams. To not be afraid. To not give up. To not lose hope...

To be Inspired ~


way outnumbered said...

What a moving story! Your photos are beautiful~

Rachel said...

Yes, your photos are beautiful -- amazing.

But so was your post/testimony. Wonderful.

Btw, I've moved to Wordpress!

Oregon Criss's said...

Dang it! Tears still well up at the thought of Chloe! You know, I don't think I've ever heard your whole testamony- maybe someday..?!
Hugs dear friend! Your pictures are gorgeous and inspiring!

Debbie said...

Kari, your photography is so wonderful. YOu are talented.

Love and hugs,

Laura said...

Hey Kari,
Taking some time to look at your blog and I really identified, teared up, got emotional, about your thoughts on photography. I have a hunger to get better at it, to make it an art. I work with what I've got, but I want so badly to get a funky, detailed camera so that I can refine this skill. I love in the same way how it captures moments that will last a lifetime, just like you said. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts <3

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