September 06, 2009

Chloe turns 6!!!

Our Chloe girl turned, well the end of July. Yeah, I know I'm crazy behind but it's been a little busy around this place. Can't miss the chance to show off some of her party picts...

Look at those BIG BLUE EYES!!!! :D

Chloe and her BFF, Sydney...they are too cute!!

There is no gift that speaks more to Chloe's heart that a big fluffy stuffed DOG! :D

She's a 1st grader now...time to Tell Time with hands!

Littlest Pet Shop...if they had these when I was little, yeah I would have collected them too!!

Chloe inherits the love of reading from her Aunt Re Re...

Auntie Rachel and cousin, Aibrean enjoy some yummy pizza!! :D

Two Peas in a Pod...cousins that think they are brother and sister but that's OK! ;)

Gotta love Skee Ball (sp?)...I think the adults had more fun with this than the kids! Ha!!

This was pretty funny to watch...the kids sit back and watch a video of a roller coaster, then the parent can watch their faces in the screen above! Gotta LOVE Chuck E. Cheese!!

Happy 6th Birthday, sweet baby...we are beyond blessed to have you a part of our lives! xoxo


Garden Girl said...

Great Photos Kar!
Love the one of Abe and Chloe and the last one.
She sure is a beautiful girl, jsut like her Mommy!
love you!

TheRagan3 said...

I love me some CoCo girl! It was a great day to spend together with family and friends.

Debbie said...

How did I miss this post Kari? Happy Birthday to Chloe! She's so adorable and I wish her well.

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