June 10, 2009

You Scare Me

I thought this was a pretty interesting read...this is not a political blog, however I do firmly believe in standing up for what is right and good. Things are changing in our country and we do no justice to ourselves in turning a blind eye to what is going on. Anyways, read this Open Letter to President Obama and think about it. snopes confirms that this is legit


Catherine said...

Wow. That is powerful. Thank you for sharing.

Lauren said...

Right on! I'm speechless to what is going on really.....

Sorry for my lack of comments here. I've been swamped lately and am playing catch up!


Kacie said...

Gosh, I know you're saying that you at least support some of the things the letter says, but it drives me CRAZY because very little of it says anything that is based on facts and is verifiable. Most of it is just his opinion stated in strong rhetoric to make readers angry either at him or at Obama.

It's just not helpful.

Most of all, I find this ... well, I might even say painful. "You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American. "

Okay, I grew up in Indonesia too. My parents were missionaries. I have struggled with my identity my whole life because of those cross-cultural years, but I am an American citizen, as is Barak Obama. I sure HOPE that this country is okay with people growing up outside of our borders. "culturally american"? What does that even mean? What IS American culture? There's many different cultures that are American!

Anyways - that's just one of the things in this letter that really bothered me.

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