June 18, 2009

Gone Fishin'

My sister is like the queen of finding cool things to do with the kiddos...a few weekends ago, she got them all signed up for a Fishing Day! We had a blast trying to get the worms out of the bag, on the hook, casting the lines, getting them uncaught from the reeds and from other lines. Good thing my bro-in-law, the pro fisherman, came with us!! :) No matter, the cherubs had a super fun day together...

They got FREE fishing rods to boot!!

Uncle Mike giving instructions, er...putting the yucky worms on for us!!

Little Bubba's version of a country fishin' rod...

My boy, looking like a Pro!!

Chloe did pretty good too...until she got frustrated over not catching ANY fish!

What are those things in there???

Oh, they're wormies!!!

LOOK...I got ONE!!! :)

My beautiful poser...

Brave girl holding those things!!!

I know this looks quite scary if you know Alex...but it was all under control! ;)

My sister deserves the "Auntie of the Year Award"

Ah, a Momma and her sweet boy!! :)


TheRagan3 said...

Okay so I find the stuff but you take the BEST pictures! Way to go sis! Love you... doing stuff with you and the kids is one of my favorite ways to spend time!

Garden Girl said...

AND I get to go there through all the great photos! Kar, enter these at the farm fair and the STATE FAIR! Wonderful!!!
Love you,

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

You and Erinn always make me feel jealous for never having a sister. It looks like you all had a great day and I agree with Erinn that you take the BEST pictures. I'm glad you are all enjoying your summer!

Grandma Dian said...

I enjoyed your great pictures so much. Looks like the kids all had fun and adults, too. Love you all!

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