May 13, 2009

American Idol top 3

It comes down to 3...I just finished watching the recorded episode of last night's FINAL THREE! Hmm, slightly disappointing but overall good. It was Judges' Choice and Contestant's Choice. I wait with baited breath to find out WHO is in the FINAL.........tonite! Here we go!

Danny GOkey - (Judges Choice) - Dance Little Sister. Ok, NEVER heard of this song but it was a super fun performance. Not his best certainly but what up, Paula?? I actually like the little jazz sax solo in the middle. Nice.

(Personal Choice) - You Are So Beautiful. He is lookin' FINE first of all. Ok, I am kinda bored by this first I'm like eck. But then it kinda grows on me, by the end I'm pretty sold. I'm not sure that is what I would have chosen for him but the judges are happy so who knows?? I still wonder what kind of cd he would put out. VOTED for a hour and a half.

Kris Allen - (Judges Choice) - Apologize. First of all, I have issue with the home town clip where it looks like Kris is wearing blue nail polish?? Oh say it isn't so!! Oi. K. I really really liked this performance. Clean pure and simple. Very nice.

(Personal Choice) - Heartless. Wow, interesting choice for him! Same thing, at first I was like what? but then I was like hmm, pretty slick choice and perfect arrangement for him. Loved his spin on this song. Excellent.

Adam Lambert - (Judges Choice) - One. I really like this song, he performed it well. I even like the change up of key mid-song. Nice.

(Personal Choice) - Crying. Ah, here we go! The Rocker lives. This was good too, not too terribly screamy for me. Good job. Tough choice America.

Ok, we'll see who goes tonite......I know who my vote was for!!! How bout y'all??


Debbie said...

I caught the blue nail polish on Kris too. Weird, wasn't it?

I loved it when Danny sang "You are so Beautiful" but the choice Paula had ...not so sure.

Kris did very well, I thought. It's going to be close I think.

Adam really is good! He is definitely a rocker. I'm not crazy about his kind of music too much but ...I still think he's going to win.

My feeling is that Danny and Adam will be the final two but we'll see. I can't wait to watch tonight.

BTW, did you happen to see Simon on the Oprah show the other day? I usually don't watch her show but I Tivo'd it when I heard Simon would be her guest. It was very good.

Debbie said...

I had to return and add a comment after last night's AI elimination. I'm so sad! I had hoped that Danny would go to the finale. Although I've felt all along that Adam will probably win, I still wanted Danny to be there. Having said that I do think that Kris is very good and I wish him well.

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