April 07, 2009

American Idol top 8

The American Idol top 8 sang songs from the year they were born tonite. I personally loved that they were mostly from the 80's...holla. However, the fact that they are all that much younger than me...ouch! Anyways, here we go...

Danny Gokey from 1980 ~ "Stand By Me". Ok, he had a slammin' outfit on tonite...the boy can wear PINK and still look good! Very cool rendition of the song, I loved the slow beginning leading into the uptempo ending. The performance had a niiiice Danny-flava!! I love the way this guy looks around like he is just tickled pink just to be there. :) VOTED.

Kris Allen from 1985 ~ "All She Wants To Do Is Dance". Hmm, this wasn't a super great song choice for him tonite. It was fun and upbeat but a tad boring and I really like this guy. The song is very repetative and doesn't lend itself to really showcasing his megatalentedpipes. He's so much better than tonite's performance.

Lil Rounds from 1984 ~ "What's Love Got To Do With It". I definitely loved the hair tonite...and those shoes, hot.hot.hot. Ok, so seriously...Lil's in trouble. Though I liked the little variances she put in there of her own, overall I agreed with the judges. It was pretty copycat once again. Who is she??

Anoop Desai from 1986 ~ "True Colors". This was a good song choice for him but I'm just not feelin' it. I do not see him as a R & B artist at all. Sorry. I don't think he will be around in the end.

Scott MacIntyre from 1985 ~ "The Search Is Over". I actually really liked this performance tonite. It was different...guitar instead of the piano and a lively song. It was a nice change up for him. Good job, shame on those harsh judges.

Allison Iraheta from 1992 ~ "I Can't Make You Love Me". She is just too cute! Although I totally loved this performance...if I had heard it on the radio, great but the fact that I knew it was a 16 yr old singing it...yikes. It made me slightly uncomfortable. Am I nuts? Something about it just didn't fit her. Anyways, awesome vocals once again from her. Well done!

Matt Giraud from 1985 ~ "Part Time Lovers". HOT BABY HOT!!!! Matt was on fia-yah tonite y'all! I loved the jazzy-bluesy feel to this song, unique to him. Awesome vocals...def his sweet spot! Wow!! VOTED.

Adam Lambert from 1982 ~ "Mad World". Never heard of this song but whatev. And OIVEY with the weird blue glow lighting...ugh. Ok, Adam finally got a clue and hopefully once and for all got rid of the nasty makeup and nail polish. thankyousomuch. I've never heard this song before but he sang it...yes he did y'all. The song might not be my cup of tea but for whatever it's worth, it was classic Adam and you just can't argue with that.

My favs for tonite were Danny and Matt...without a doubt.

Who's going home? I'm guessing Lil or Scott.

Let's talk Idol...what did y'all think?? :)


Sherri's Southern Style said...

I agree with you - Lil is in trouble! I hope she can figure out WHO she is soon, but it may be too late. I think Scott goes home tonight. We'll see later!

Debbie said...

I had to watch Adam this morning online because our station cut off before he was finished. Although I have a few lifestyle issues with him, I have to say that I believe he is the most talented contestant and will win. That's what I thought last season about David Cook.

However, I really really love Danny! He is such a blessing to watch and I think he's also so talented. He'll probably come in second.

I thought Allison's voice was exceptional. However, I also agree; she's only 16 years old!!! She did well with the song because her voice was sooo good but the words were much too grown up.

I felt bad for Lil but she really hasn't been picking the right songs. She does have a great voice.

Unfortunately, I think Scott's days are numbered. I really like him and he's from the Phoenix area but I doubt he'll make it much further in this competition. But I think Anoop should go tonight.

As far as Chris, I really like him but didn't like this performance.

Matt was fantastic! He showed his talent last night and I really enjoyed it. I hope he keeps this up!!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Love me some Adam and Danny! They're totally the top 2.

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