April 14, 2009

American Idol top 7

The Top 7 contestants were able to take their pick from the Best Songs of the Cinema with the help of the guest mentor, Quentin Tarantino. There were some of my fav songs represented and some songs I was just like huh?? It was a bit strange and slightly disappointing to have the new 2 judge team giving their critiques tonite. I hope this won't be the norm from here on out. Hmm...

Allison Iraheta - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing ~ LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. this song, always have...always will. Ahem. Ok, so she looked great tonite and she sounded even better! I believed this performance completely and it was much more her 16 yr old level than last week. The rugged vocals were off the hook! Nice girl.

Anoop Desai - Every I Do I Do it for You ~ I totally adore this song too!! Ok, I cannot get over the schoolboy outfit he had on tonite. Oi. But sweet sweet vocals, I loved the velvet sound of his performance. One of his best.

Adam Lambert - Born to be Wild ~ Were those patent leather chucks he had on?? And where can I get me some of them...in red. So I see he's back to the makeup bit...he can leave that alone in my opinion. BUT this performance was like a flipping rock concert! HOLYMOLY people. While this wasn't one of my fav of his performances, it was still off the hook. He has long since left the league of amateurs my friends.

Matt Giraud - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman ~ He looked great tonite, props to whoever finally fixed that boy's hair! Slick. There were some wicked sweet parts and some wicked parts of this performance tonite. It was overall disappointing because I love this guy and his incredible potential. Still a fan.

Danny Gokey - Endless Love ~ ILOVETHISGUY. Interesting without the matching glasses tonite. Wow! HOLYHARP. Slammin' outfit. Ok, enough already. There were tears in my eyes by the time he finished. Simple, pure and touching performance. Classic. VOTED. like mad.

Kris Allen - Falling Slowly ~ Never heard of this song in my life. But whatev. It was tender and sizzlin'....brilliant baby. Every week he raises the bar for himself. Well done.

Lil Rounds - The Rose ~ I donotnotnot like this song. But she looked really nice, wish I could wear my hair tenmillion different ways like she can. I really actually liked the beginning R & B part of the song but hated the Gospel ending. I'm just not sure what the deal is here. Sorry.

Ok, by far the best of the night...Danny and Adam.

Who should go?? Um, I gotta say Lil. Again.

Let me know what you're thinking!! :)


Trista said...

Lil irritates me to the core!!! PLEASE LET HER GO HOME!

Other than that, I think everyone else did very well. Anoop really surprised me.

Smoochiefrog said...

It'll either be Lil or Anoop going home. I can't imagine anyone else being bad enough.

jerriann said...

I like Matt but I am afraid that he will go home. I think Lil deserves to go way before Matt because I just don't think she has done very good in like three or four weeks so.... Loved your post. Kris, Danny and Matt are my favs. I agree thought that Matt is kind of all over the place and it has hurt him.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Lil has had her chaces and just HAS NOT stepped up. Her time to go is now.
Matt could be in trouble too.
And I'm so glad I'm not the only one that got all sappy with Danny and Endless Love! LOVE HIM!!

Debbie said...

I think Adam will win this season. He's so much better than anyone else. I'm not crazy about his look but he really can sing and he's just so out there.

However, I really do love Danny. I thought he looked great without the glasses although I don't mind them at all.

I agree that Allison did a good job. I love that song too and she really can sing.

Beth said...

I thought Lil was way too close to LaFawnda in Napoleon Dynamite with this performance. Not good.

Rachel said...

I can't believe Lil is still hangin' in... I think she has mad potential, but has been unable to tap into it, unfortunately. I'm tired of being let down. ;)

I'm not sure if I've ever been this obsessed about AI before.... I actually re-watched the entire show the other night. Is that sad?

Kacie said...

I totally agree with you - you're the first person I read that has never heard "Falling Slowly" but still loved Chris's performance. Most people who weren't familiar with it just didn't get it. I love Idol - but I'm not looking forward to disco week! :)

You're right, the situation with the refugees is just mind-blowing. I see you're on the East Coast, which means that if you live in the city, there's probably a community of refugees at least somewhat near you! I'm going to be writing more about the refugees, so stay tuned!

Fun, fun, the missions world is so small. I did grow up in Papua with SIL as an mk. I probably know your sister-in-law... Dao rings a well but I can't remember exactly who worked in that area - is that the Moxness family?

I do love and miss Papua - it is still home to me. How long were you there and how long have you been back?

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