March 13, 2009

fix-it friday

There is a new blog that I've literally stumbled upon and it is incredible!! Right up my beginner-photographers-heart...y'all must go check it out. This photo was a beautiful SOOC shot of Lolli's little girl. In Fix-It Friday, we download the photo and edit it the best way we can. You can click the button below to see how others have edited this photo as well as browse around this FAB blog! :)

Oh, yeah I almost forgot...I edited this photo using Picnik. I don't have too much it the way of programs for editing photos. However, I'm on the lookout for a good one so if y'all have any fav editing programs leave me a comment and share your fav! Thanks!!

1 comment:

Shae said...

great job. I like the tones and the crop.

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