March 10, 2009

American Idol Top 13

Hey, Final 13 baby! It was Michael Jackson night...big shoes to fill for these guys but overall I thought it was a great night of performances so here we go ~

Lil Rounds - “The Way You Make Me Feel” - She looked lovely tonite, though I would have traded in those white pants for some other color. Any other color. However, she once again did her thang and worked it out on the stage like a pro. Lil has great energy and style and def deserves to be there. But even though I love her I found myself wondering what was different about her from the rest. Is she just another good singer? We'll see.

Scott MacIntyre - “Keep the Faith” - Hmm, first off just love this guy. His story. Everything. He looked graeat! Absolutely LOVED the piano in his performance but tonite wasn't fab for me, the vocals were good but a little flat. I agreed with the judges, the song didn't do him justice.

Danny Gokey - “PYT” - LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.THIS.GUY. From the beginning...I have a feeling Danny is gonna be 'my guy' like David Cook was last year! WOW performance, great song choice. He looked great where does he find with these matching glasses?? Danny is just awesome to watch, I already feel like I'm watching a concert. Excellent. VOTED.

Michael Sarver - “You Are Not Alone” - What a sweet sweet family guy, Michael is. He looked really nice tonite and seemed very comfortable. I enjoyed his performance alot. Great tone and loved this softer side of him. Good job.

Jasmine Murray - “I’ll Be There” - Her dress was so pretty tonite with her beautiful smile. This was just nice for me not wow. She's seems a bit out of her league but I totally think she has great potential!

Kris Allen - “Remember The Time” - This guy is so easy to like, easy going and great smile. And how cute was his and his wife's story...5 months married?! Simon's a ding dong. Anyways, loved the guitar in his performance. Really fun! Nice.

Allison Iraheta - “Give In To Me” - Ha! Not super crazy about this song BUT totally perfect for her! WOW what a performer, she's a natural. Incredible composure. Loved the rocker edge to her voice! Fab. VOTED.

Anoop Desai - “Beat It” - Hmm, he looked really nice tonite. Uh, but hmm...not super great for me. Too bad. He went out and sang a M.J. song he loved and kinda got set up by it. How do you pick from M.J. songs and not "try to sound like a bad version of him"?? I don't get it. Sorry.

Jorge Nuñez - “Never Can Say Goodbye” - Poor guy, not the best choice for him. Stinks cause I really like him. Still love this guy but I totally agreed with the judges. A disjointed and unconnected song for him. Ugh.

Megan Joy Corkrey - “Rockin’ Robin” - YIKES.YIKES. I have thought this before but WHAT in the great wide world is this girl thinking??! I mean, sheesh there's different and there's DIFFERANT. This was terrible, the judges were too easy on her. Like a bad joke. And what up with the cawing at the end, oh man, like baaaad impromptu. Oh dear.

Adam Lambert - “Black & White” - Ah, I know this guy....I know. But WOW. This guy totally rocked this song and looked like he belonged up there on that stage. Great job, this was his best so far in my opinion. VOTED.

Matt Giraud - “Human Nature” - Yeah, loved the, just hints of J.T. This was the perfect song choice for him and he totally redeemed himself. Loved it. Nice. VOTED.

Alexis Grace - “Dirty Diana” - I really like this guy but hmm, was a little too much tonite. And I'm not liking the vibe she's heading into. Kinda abit too edgy for me. Man, she started out like this sweet little Mama and whoa nellie. Come back to us girl. VOTED.

Ok, so my FAVs of the night were Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

My picks to GO are Megan Corkrey and Jasmine Murray.


Debbie said...

My two favorites from last night's performance were Adam and Danny. Adam is obviously very talented and comfortable performing; a little freaky for my taste but he's going to go places for sure. I love Danny, his story, voice and personality. He's probably now my favorite of all.

I still like Scott but he doesn't have the best vocals and the song choice wasn't the best. His passion shines through though. I hope he gets to stay awhile longer.

I also liked Allison, Matt and Alexis. And one that I disagree with you about is Megan. From the beginning, I've really liked her quirkiness. There's something about her and I like her voice. It's different!

I think Jorge, Michael, Anoop or Jasmine could go home tonight.

I'm so glad you do this because I look forward to reading your opinion the morning after. LOL.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

came over from BooMama, GREAT recap!

Anonymous said...

Over from BooMama's - Hi!

I agree Danny and Adam are for sure safe. Lil, too, I think.

TheRagan3 said...

Danny, Adam, Kris and Alexis were my picks. And I liked Lil.
hoping that snoop dog goes or Megan. I mean really, Rockin' Robin?? Yikes is right!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I'm loving me some Danny!


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