March 17, 2009

American Idol top 11

It was Grand Ole Opry week for the contestants and I'm always up for some country y'all! :D And wasn't Randy Travis just the sweetest ever? What a classic gentleman for sure. Ok, here we go...

Michael Sarver -- Ain't Goin' Down til the Sun Comes Up: This is def. Michael's genre, he was totally comfortable up there singing away. However, I found it just ok. It was fun but there was alot lot of low/flat parts to this performance and not enough change of key or something. It was a basicly a poor rendition of Garth's song. I'm a little afraid for this guy tonite.

Allison Iraheta — Blame It On The Heart: I totally love this girl! She looked really really nice tonite, great outfit/hair. Her tone and vocals were fab as always. This genre doesn't really seem to fit her however she did a great job with it!

Kris Allen -- To Make You Feel My Love: Oh, man I love this song!! This was pretty wow for me. I really liked that he didn't sing with his guitar again tonite. Changin' it up. Very nice, you could clearly hear his pure vocals. Love the Kris-style he put to it! VOTED.

Lil Rounds — Independence Day: First of all, she looked amazing tonite. Wow! Love the hair, so much better than that long straight piece hanging in her face. Ok. I agreed with the judges on this one, it was just ok, not fab. like she normally is. Eh. I am starting to wonder if she is just another good singer, not very unique.

Adam Lambert — Ring of Fire: OhAiYaiYai. What the dear is going on with this guy?? Man, last week I loved him and this week I cringed through the whole thing with my mouth gaped open. Yikes! This was horrible for me just horrible. Like Bollywood on crack. Ugh.

Scott MacIntyre — Wild Angels: This guy is so super sweet you just can't hardly dislike him or criticize him. He looked great tonite, the stylist got to his hair and everything just worked for him. This was way better I thought that last week's performance. I'm not sure if I agree about losing the piano. That really is his niche.

Alexis Grace — Jolene: Much better again than last week I thought as far as going over the top. But last week had a bit more feeling to it I thought. This was ok, some great parts and some not so great parts. You can def. see this girl is trying! I hope she sticks around cause she's got alot of potential. Funny, now I can't get Dolly's image out of my head!!

Danny Gokey — Jesus Take the Wheel: Ok, y'all KNOW how I feel about this guy here. I'm totally hooked, he could sing my car manual and I'd listen and love it. Seriously. I thought he looked like a star tonite....slick outfit and those glasses are killin' me! Wow, love the song, perfect song choice for him. It had a nice slow build to a power chorus that he knocked out of the park! Niiiice. VOTED.

Anoop Desai — You’re Always On My Mind: WoW. Noopdog is def. back. I am so proud of this guy. He really took to heart last weeks bomb of a performance and turned it around. His vocals were off the hook, perfect tone and it was super contemporary. But. What up with his outfit? I mean, it's hard to take this guy serious with these heartfelt ballads when he's wearing a purple and green hoodie??! Goodnightalivin'. Come on buddy. I loved listening to him but had to look away from the tv screen.

Megan Joy — I Go Walking After Midnight: THE GIRL HAD THE FLU! Holymuttchops. I give her big big props for looking amazing and actually sounding better than she has in a long time! Wow. I loved the dress, it was lovely and elegant...her face was a little made up so I got what the judges were sayin. Nice song choice for her, I really loved the throwback sound of the what, 30's 40's? I loved it! And it seems like she tried not to do that weird twisty dance so much. Thankyousomuch.

Matt Giraud — So Small: Oooooh, Wow!!! Sweet sweet vocals from this guy who's sorta been a bit in the background. I've thought he was great for a while but tonite he really shined! He put his own style to it that really worked out, it was heartfelt and so believeable. He was the package deal tonite. VOTED.

Ok, my favs tonite were of course, Danny Gokey...I also loved Matt Giraud and Kris Allen. I'm thinking it's going to be a male winner this year for sure! What do y'all think??

Who should go? Hmm...I'm going with Michael Sarver. Sorry.


Smoochiefrog said...

Bollywood on crack. Love it!

Jen said...

Loved Kris, Anoop and Matt!! I really hope Adam goes home for that atrocious performance.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Came over from BooMama's - HI!
Completely agree with you! LOVE Danny, thought Kris was awesome last night and I think we'll say Buh, BYE! to Sarver tonight.

Debbie said...

I wasn't able to watch the show last night but we TIVO'd it so I'll check it out before the results show tonight. I'm glad to read that Danny Gokey did well and I love the song choice even though I haven't yet heard him sing it. But I love the words to that Carrie Underwood song.

Sturgmom said...

I'm with you on Danny, Matt, and Kris. The girls can't touch them!

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