March 03, 2009

American Idol third 12

Tonight was the third group of 12 to perform...interestingly enough, at first I thought hmm, not crazy about any of these but in the end there was a few that really impressed me. Here we go...

Von Smith — You’re All I Need to Get By: This whole thing was strange for me, from the red tennis shoes to the oversized suit. Hmm, not a fav of mine. Little cheesy, sorry.

Taylor Vaifanua — If I Ain’t Got You: Beautiful girl, cute outfit...btw, girl I want my boots back thankyousomuch. This was a super big song for her, some of the lower notes fell flat. Eh, just not sure about her niche here.

Alex Wagner-Trugman — I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues: Ugh. He was overdid this one and it was just not great. Poor guy.

Ariana Afsar — The Winner Takes It All: I really liked her in the beginning but What? Why did she sing that song? Too many runs, kinda some voice crackin going on there.

Ju’not Joyner — Hey There Delilah: Really liked this guy in hollywood week! I really really like his R&B style he put to this song. Wow, nice! But whatup with the handcuffs?? VOTED.

Kristen McNamara -- Give Me One More Reason: This girl has a great voice but she's all over the place and has not found her sweet spot. Kinda karaoke, too like peppy. Weird.

Nathaniel Marshall — I Would Do Anything For Love: Love this guy's grandma. But yikes. Fun but just totally not my style.

Felicia Barton — No One: Wow, great performance! She came out with a bang and seemed really comfortable up there. Great smile, the whole package. Doin' the Mamas proud, girl. VOTED.

Scott MacIntyre — Mandolin Rain: Impressive and Inspiring. Some great high note rifts there. Super super nice guy, feelin what he's singing. Love him, maybe not all out crazy about his voice but how can you not love this guy? VOTED.

Kendall Beard — This One’s For the Girls: All y'all know I love a country girl now. Um, Martina leaves big shoes to fill sooo. Um, she is a little bito'sunshine for sure. It was a little off here and there, overall good. A little growth is needed.

Jorge Nunez — Don’t Let the Sun Go Down: PIPES, wow! He does so not sing like he talks. Really felt the emotion he was putting out there. True genuine sweet guy. I cried, really. VOTED.

Lil Rounds -- Be With You: Really like this Mama! Go on girl. Great smile and love her vibe. I can def. see her as a recording artist! VOTED.

See what I mean? My voting was out of control tonite. :) But my top 2 favs are Ju'not and Lil Rounds...what did y'all think?? Come on, spill.


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

My faves were Lil, Jorge, and Ju'not! I think Lil just seems like a natural star. She's kind of genuine and humble and just altogether professional looking!

Great recap!

mommablogsalot said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with you. I really liked a small handful of them and could not keep it to 3 if I tried. :)

Debbie said...

I can't believe it! My picks were the same as yours.

I was glad they brought back Felicia Barton. I don't know what the details were on that one. Do you know if someone dropped out? Anyway, she was good and I liked her.

Scott McIntyre is one of my favorites! After all, he's from Scottsdale, Arizona which is the next city over from Phoenix. And second of all, he's a member of Scottsdale Bible Church. I have so many friends who go there. It's a great church and Scott often sings in their music ministry. I heard he also has a sister who sings and I think she's blind or almost blind too. But I think he has such a passion that comes through.

I also like Jorge Nunez and thought he had such a great voice. No matter what language he sings in, he sounds great.

Lil Rounds is fabulous! She has a natural talent and I love to see someone who is working to help her family; three kids and she looks so young to me.

Personally, I think Lil and Scott will get in and probably Jorge. Maybe Felicia will get in the wildcard round.

Headless Mom said...

Voting out of control here too-and with the same people, too. The outcome is going to be interesting- It's obvious that Lil will make it but in reading all the recaps it seems the other 2 spots are really divided!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Still behind on Idol...I think I'll kick into regular viewing as the weeks go on. :-)

Happy week!

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