February 26, 2009

This just in...

Has anyone heard about Google acquiring FeedBurner?? Yeah, well I wouldn't have had a clue except for oh, one day I was looking at my blog's homepage and thought....hmmm...wonder why my feedburner stats dropped from around 55 to 25??! Either 30 people decided they didn't like my blog after all or something happened in the wonderful world of technology. So after some surfing I discovered that it's a whole new thang out there! Here's the link to read Q & A's about the deal. And here's the link to the quick start Blogger help page about feeds, transfers, etc. It's pretty easy as they lead you through the process of transferring your feed, adding widgets, etc. That's about all I know about that, peoples. But if YOU know something more than that, well leave me a comment cause I'd love to hear it!! :D

Also, has anyone noticed the the "Blog Following" thingy is different too? I'm not sure about all that...how bout you?

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