February 05, 2009

Sons of Kenyan Village Build 1st Clinic

*ABC news link*

Incredible what just one life can do!

SONS OF LWALA tells the story of Vanderbilt University Medical School students Milton and Fred Ochieng’, two brothers from Kenya whose village sent them to America to become doctors. After losing both parents to AIDS, they are left with the heartbreaking task of returning home to finish the health clinic their father started before getting sick. Unable to raise enough money on their own, the brothers are joined by students, politicians and rock musicians who put on fundraising drives throughout the United States through Blood:Water Mission's support. SONS OF LWALA follows Milton and Fred on their incredible journey as they find a way, despite all odds, to open their village’s first hospital.

The clinic in Lwala is one example of how Blood:Water Mission is partnering with Africans to work together to address AIDS in their own communities. Blood:Water is combatting AIDS not only through clean water and sanitation projects and health clinics like in Lwala, but also by directly funding late-stage AIDS hospices, community health workers, and support groups, which help in the prevention, treatment, care and support of communities affected by AIDS.

- Jena Nardella, Executive Director
Blood:Water Mission

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