February 15, 2009

Learn Love Link

Learn Love Link

Another superb community building opportunity from the girls from 5 Minuets for Mom!!  Realizing that the bloggy world is as small and close as a few clicks away...

The Mom owned store ~ Totally Out of Hand, child artwork jewelry is incredible!!  They turn your child's beautiful artwork into precious silver pins, a true keepsake long after the paper has crumbled.  What a fascinating idea, a site DEF. worth checking out!!  :)  Read the 'Inside Scoop' on this ingenious little business from 5 Minutes for Mom here.

I also checked out the Mom-Run website called Passion for Parties.  Their home page is bright and inviting and you are at once interested in seeing the wonderful ideas and helpful hints they offer there!  From party themes, to favor ideas and recipes, to photo tips ~ Passion for Parties has something for every occasion.  Check out the 'Inside Scoop' on them at 5 Minutes for Mom here

The next directory I visited were the Personal Blogs that 5 Minutes for Mom has listed on their site.  I clicked on a couple, one stood out to me on the list of Missionary Moms...Joy from The Stay at Home Missionary (used to be Joy in the Journey).  She is the wife of a missionary pilot and mommy to five, living in Indonesia.  Her blog is full of cute photos, interesting glimpses into missionary life as well as spiritual thoughts and encouragement!


Debbie said...

I visited The Stay at Home Missionary after reading about her on your blog. I love her! This is so good that you highlighted her.

You are such an encourager! Thanks for sharing about others you've encountered along the way. It's just such fun to meet other bloggers in all parts of the world.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

5mfm are just amazing. What they come up with to help other Mom Blogges or Moms in business!


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