February 18, 2009

American Idol first 12

So we watched the first group of 12 perform last night.  AI is doing things differently this year and they are having 3 groups of 12 perform and based on the voting, the top guy and top girl will go through as well as the next person that has the highest votes.  Then there will be 3 "wild card" places to be filled, making the final top 12.

Yeah, kinda weird but we'll see how it goes.  Last night was so-so for me but here's the breakdown, y'all.

  1. Jackie Tohn - sang "Little Less Conversation".  Well, I wasn't impressed with this performance.  Really nice girl, good energy but lousy vocals...and uh, ahem...black spandex pants??  I think we should leave those in the 80's.  I'm just sayin'.
  2. Ricky Braddy - sang "A Song for You".  Wow, I can't believe I don't remember this guy from the auditions.  Great song choice, smooth vocals...higher vocals, sweet!  He really seemed like a pro up there.  And his mom and dad wearing cute t-shirts, "The Braddy Bunch".  Cute.
  3. Alexis Grace - sang "Never Loved a Man".  This is the young single mom, cute as she can be!  She was truly soul-full and she def. pulled off great feeling with this song.  VOTED.
  4. Brent Keith - sang "Hick Town".  Now, I'm all about country, y'all buuut, this wasn't super great for him.  Very fun performance and I totally get why he went this way but I'm afraid he won't make it through.  Just o.k. for me.
  5. Stevie Wright - sang "You Belong with Me".  This girl is young cute and super nice but man, this was terrible.  Lots of weird low notes and she seemed short of breath almost.  Maybe it was the nerves but she was so much better than this performance.  Too bad.
  6. Anoop Desai - sang "Angel of Mine".  This was an ok performance for me.  His voice is very smooth and I think he has alot of potential.  Talk about a voice not matching a body, though!  :)  
  7. Casey Carlson - sang "Every Little Thing She does is Magic".  Hmm.  Strange choice of songs.  Really weird dancing and faces going on there.  Not great.
  8. Michael Sarver - sang "I Don't Want to Be".  I have really liked this guy from the beginning.  He is really nice and just all around good family man!  This was a good performance but not great, wished he would have made the song more "him".  
  9. Anne Marie Boskovich - sang "Natural Woman".  Not sure what was up with the song choices, everyone seemed to be picking from the karaoke greatest hits album.  Anyways, she had a great effort here and tried to make the song hers....but come on honey, Whitney...for your first time out??!  Oh dear.
  10. Steven Fowler - sang "Rock with You".  This was not wow for me.  He has a ton of potential so this fell flat.  It's almost like he thinks he already has it made.  
  11. Tatiana Del Toro - sang "I'm Saving All my Love for You".  Oh for heavens sake, why is this girl even to this point??!  I'm just not a fan.  Nice girl but way too much over the top for me.
  12. Danny Gokey - sang "Hero".  Can I just say they saved the BEST for LAST??!  I'm a HUGE fan of this guy from the start and have high hopes for him!!  Round one goes to Danny for sure!!  :) Awesome.  VOTED.

Can't wait for tonite's show!!!  :)


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Ok, have you been waiting for my input? Of course you have. Um, well, I am behind on my DVR so I haven't caught up to you all yet. SO, I have no input.

All I can say is, I miss the guys from last season already. Maybe I'll like Danny, once I know who he is.



TheRagan3 said...

lovin' Danny too!!

The Gang's Momma said...

Does this mean that they are going from 36 down to 9? Total of top three (one guy, one girl, third place) from each group of 12? I'm confused. They didn't explain it last night well either! Not really into this season. I usually kick my frenzy of fan-at-icism for the final 10 contestants - still too early for me to care! :)

Debbie said...

Danny is my husband and my favorite so far! I was glad to hear that he is involved in the music ministry at his church. And his story about his wife's recent death is sad. He's on the top of my list too.

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