November 17, 2008

Surgery Postponed!

November 17, 2008

Dear ones,
Thank you so much for your outpouring of love, prayers and support following my last email. This morning the Surgeon called and talked with me about Chloe's cough/cold. She really feels that we would be risking Chloe's health and recovery to push for the surgery today. The hospital is apparently full of people sick with RSV and with Chloe already fighting something, we both feel that it would not be wise to put her in unnecessary danger for a greater illness in addition to recovery from the surgery itself. 

So, whew...I must admit it is a strange sense of relief and disappointment. We had everything lined up with both work places, school, etc, however I am glad that today I can just be at home with my sickie and my husband and not face her surgery today. Truly God's timing is perfect and we believe that He simply has her home today and we trust that He has a perfect reason for that. I am so glad that we trust in a God who is the blessed controller of all things and wants what is absolutely the best for us and especially our precious Chloe.

Tentatively, the surgery has been postponed for December 1st. The surgeon only operates on Mondays and that will give Chloe 2 weeks to recover! Another update will be sent out to let you know the specifics when we know. We soo appreciate your prayers in the meantime for her leg, that it will not cause her any more pain or discomfort. And this surgery date still leaves enough time for her to get back on her feet before Christmas!! :)

Thanks so much again...

With much love,
Joel, Kari, Alex and Chloe


Jenna said...

I just love how Children's Hospitals take no chances with illnesss! They really take our babies lives seriously(as they should) Have fun today having lots of soup and cuddles! Im sorry surgery was posponed but glad they aired on the side of caution

Heidi @ GGIP said...

It sounds like your surgeon is wise to wait until she is nice and healthy. I do know the strange feeling of relief that the surgery isn't going to happen right away, but wishing it would just be over with.

Many prayers your way.

Mandy said...

Good call on the doc's part. I know that's a relief. I will continue to keep Chloe and you all in my prayers.

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