November 30, 2008

Please Pray!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm writing again to ask for that powerful prayer support that y'all have lended to our family time and time again! You cannot imagine how much it means to us, every email and phone call and note...the last time we asked you to pray for Chloe. Well, here we are again with a second shot at surgery ahead of us tomorrow, Dec 1st. This time is different from the last date, I truly feel the arms of the Father holding us and carrying us. That old panic and worry feeling that my Mama's heart gets when it comes to Chloe has not come so far...must be those awesome prayers!! Chloe too, seems to be at peace as well tonite. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for loving our family and for bringing us before God's throne of amazing grace. 

Chloe's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:45 a.m. The Dr. told us that it should be about an hour long surgery. We've also heard that she may not have to spend the night in the hospital after all, which is fab news!! We'll see how she is doing I guess after surgery. Prayerfully, her pain will be minimal and she will be out of recovery quickly! Joel and I are both off this whole week to be home with our girl and I am so grateful for that. My parents are here for us as always, so supportive and helpful!

Oh yes, one more SUPER COOL thing happened today at church, during communion...Chloe asked Jesus to come into her life and give her a new heart! Those angels up in heaven are dancing a jig with US over the NEW BIRTH of our sweet daughter! With tears in my eyes and a full heart, I just had to share that...

I hope to update y'all as soon as I can, prayerfully tomorrow night from HOME! :) 

Til then, thank you so much and we love you guys!!

With love and thankful hearts...


Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Rejoicing with you over Chloe's new birth!! Praise God! We pray for our children to come to know their Savior but when it happens it is so amazing! God is good!

I will for sure be praying tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Melissa said...

We'll be praying for that little booger! What a precious gift that she now knows she is His. Beautiful!

The Mom said...

Praying for Chloe!!!
Love Jen and family

Restored 316 said...

Praying for you guys today!

Love, Lauren

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

We've been praying. Give us an update when you can!

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