November 08, 2008


Our first stop on our second day in NYC was spot where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood...Ground Zero. I am sure that everyone remembers where they were on the day of 9/11. I remember where I was, what I was doing and how I felt as I watched the tv in horror as the greatest tragedy in my lifetime unfolded before my eyes.

There is really no way to prepare yourself for this sight. We could not help but be overcome with emotion as we thought of the many that were taken from us in such a horrific way. We were also overcome with the good that people are capable of when they come together as one to serve others. We were simply overcome.

And so we say to those who lost their lives, to those who gave their lives and to those who try to continue on in their absence...we will not forget, no we will always remember!

A gorgeous blue sky...
in glaring contrast to the two missing towers that once stood in the heart of that vast space that is filled with nothingness now.

Not only the surrounding buildings but the people of New York City and the rest of America bare the scars of that day...

St. Paul's Chapel...a beacon of hope in the midst of fear, sorrow and pain.
Not a stone, window or pillar was damaged.

The old sycamore tree stood in the corner of the church's courtyard...
it took the shrapnel from the explosion, saving the church from harm.

"The Bell of Hope"
"To the greater glory of God and in recognition of the enduring links
between the City of London and the city of New York.
Forged in adversity - September 11, 2001"

The cots where the tireless volunteers would try to rest...

The outpouring of love, prayer and support from people around the globe was incredible!

We will not forget...
We will remember!

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Debbie said...

You did a wonderful tribute in pictures. I've been there too and also went to St. Paul's. It was amazing how they had no damage; a sanctuary in the midst of chaos. I've been there when the towers stood tall and it's so surreal to see the empty hole.

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