October 15, 2008

Who, ME??!!!!

I'm tickled pink...my new sweet bloggy friend, Lindsey just gave this cute little bloggy award to me over the weekend!! Isn't she a dear, just in time for my birthday?!! :D It's been such a blessing to get to know Lindsey over the wonderful world of blogging! She and her family are missionaries in Panama and she totally rocks at blog design so if you're looking for a new-do then she is SO your girl for the job!! shout out.

So, I have the joy of passing this bloggy award on to 7 blogs that I love!! How fun is that?? :)

Here we go...

  1. My sweet sister, Erinn from Ragans Ramblings ~ I love her blog because I love her and this award just fits her! :)
  2. My dear friend, Kathy from The Worm Whisperer ~ She is a wonderful friend and I love her too! She takes gorgeous photos and is crafty and a Gardening Genius!!
  3. Alece from Grit and Glory is a new and wonderful bloggy read! She and her husband are missionaries in South Africa with Thrive Africa. I just adore reading her!!
  4. Melody from Slurping Life ~ First of all, I just LOVE her blog title!! :D Her blog is so encouraging and thought-provoking and fun...and holy photo fun!
  5. Jennifer from Snapshot ~ She's super great because she is a book lover like me, and always writes great reviews!
  6. Stacy from The Land of K.A. ~ What can I say? I love, love, LOVE her wicked awesome photography skills she even gives TIPS and she is super duper creative!! :)
  7. Erin from The Vintage Pearl ~ Jewelry and Photography...sigh, truly a kindred spirit of mine!!

These lovely ladies and blogs are all wonderful...why don't y'all go on over and visit them?! Tell them Kari sent you...have a great day!


Garden Girl said...

OH how fun is that!!!!
Thanks so much Kar! I think most of my favs I got from your list, but there are a few more I watch, so, I will post mine tonight.
Love you sweetie pie!

Erin said...

Thanks for the award and the sweet words!!! Your blog is so fun!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Thank you so much!

I feel so out of it as far as passing things like this along, but it's so nice to know that someone hearts my blog.

Stacy said...

Well, thank you so much! What sweet comments about me and on my blog today. :) It is always so nice to hear from people that don't post comments very often. :)

~ Melody ~ said...

Congratulations! Agreed, I love your blog, too.

And thank you for sharing the love with me, and for some new bloggy links to read.

TheRagan3 said...

thanks sis! I love you too!!

Anonymous said...

yay for my award!!!

i'm giggling!

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