October 12, 2008

They say it's my Birthday...

I've had a super awesome weekend celebration of my 30th so far...and I'm almost feeling my age but then again, no!!  It's only a number right??!!  So, lots and lots of fun picts to share with y'all and stories and most important an update on my Chloe...all coming very soon!!!  :)

Ok, now...in honor of my BIG 3-0 day y'all go on ahead a do a little happy dance right where you are...go on, it's for me, you know you want to!!  happy dance.  happy dance.  happy dance.

Good, all danced out now...ok, right so NOW you just need to leave me a little comment love and tell me YOUR favorite Birthday Memory...I want to hear it, so spill y'all!!!!!  :)  

You're the best!!!  xoxo  


Mandy /Mommy Cracked said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 30 is a great age!!

y best birthday memory is kind of nerdy. I was 12 and instead of having a big party (that was a weird age anyway...I felt I was too old for a party) they took me to Memphis TN to see the Ramses the Great exhibit from Egypt. We also ate at a great BBQ restaurant. It was a blast!

R.L.Scovens said...

Happy Birthday Young'un!

The Mom said...

Happy Birthday!! Did you dye your hair? It looks beautiful!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! I'm lovin' the new do, by the way. =)

My favorite birthday memory was when a bunch of my bestest buddies kidnapped me and whisked me off to
Dallas for the weekend. What a blast!

Garden Girl said...

I played in the garden all day, so I will just do my extreme happy dance in my CHAIR, thank you very much!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARI! I could tell a story about YOU instead....
but I won't. Because I love you.

We go away for my birthdays lately and I love anywhere there are flowers in bloom!

Come over and pick out some jewelry for the big celebration!


Gilpatriclife said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great weekend. Hey, did you get your camera for your Birthday????

My favorite Birthday would have to be the ones where I spent it with family just having fun. Usually BBQ's at Uncles and going swimming in the lake!


Lindsey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! That is a great pic by the way! You are gorgeous! Hope it's wonderful!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful thing!!!
My friends gave me a 30th birthday party and it was hands-down, my favorite! Hope you enjoyed your day!

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