September 25, 2008

What I'd like You to Know

Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer has a great post today that I could totally relate to now!  Head on over and have a read...

Bottom line, we're all different and God calls us to different things in life.  Having experienced some interesting things in life so far I have learned to keep my opinions to myself and learn to appreciate someone else's point of view before opening my mouth!  :)  

Y'all have a great day...


Lindsey said...

ARG. I had a whole long comment typed up for your Fall Into Reading post and I hit enter and got an error message. Some times technology really ticks me off. ("Yes I love technology, but not as much as you you see..." Kip)

Sorry, anyways, the camera is very pretty... good luck choosing (I have no input sorry). And try to post reviews on the books you read... I love to read but don't have access to a lot of books... but there is a mission team coming in January, so I could ask them to pick me up a few, but I want to hear if they're good or not first.

Anyways, sorry to be a comment hog. Okay, I'm done now.

Sandy Toes said...

What a great lesson to learn for our kids and US! It is so easy to just slam your point of view to your kids when they do have a point view (yes, it needs to be respectful). My son is starting to have his and I need to give him the time to express his thoughts.
-Sandy Toes

Margie G. said...

Thanks for sharing!

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