September 02, 2008

Sad sad very sad day

Is it just me or is there something seriously wrong with this picture??!!

What in the world?  All of a sudden my Nikon Coolpix 5700 is having issues after 5 years of wonderful pictures!  What up with that?  Any of you professional photographers or just picture takers who have more of a clue than I do....HELP HELP HELP please!!!  What is going on here?  I can take pictures in the shade but in full sunlight, the pictures do this above.

My hubby just packed the camera up and sent it to Nikon in the hopes that it is something 'faulty' and that they will fix it.  Hahahahaha, yeah that's going to happen.  If you have ANY thoughts or ideas...I'd really appreciate it...thanks!!


The Mom said...

Sorry I have no advice but after 5 years, maybe it needs a tune up or possibly retirement?! :-S

I would be crushed, hope it turns out well!!

Jenna said...

No ideas here, my camera is still under warrenty and has been sent off. Either they will fix it or give me a new one. Being with out a camera is a total bummer! Let me know what you find out

Robin said...

Not sure, but its my first time over at your blog and its very nice. Hope you will stop by mine as well. Keep up the good work. Robin

Jaci Spain said...

Yeah, I would say 5 years is a pretty good life for a camera:) We've had at least 3 or 4 in the last 5 years:)

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry because I love your pics. Hopefully the Nikon fairy will do you right!

Sharon said...

I've missed hearing your latest escapades! Hope you're doing well, girlfriend. What's the status of "ye beloved camera"? I know how much you must miss it!! Have a great weekend.... thinking of you!

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