August 16, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, baby!

We celebrated our Sunshine's 5th birthday's sooo hard to believe my baby is 5!  Where does the time go??!  Our lives are so much brighter for Chloe being in our family...we are so blessed!!

Chloe's so special, she got 2 on her birthday and one at her party!  :)

A big girl present...for a big girl  ;)

She is our resident Artist...this craft project present was so right up her alley!!

The birthday girl...

The sweet friends and family who helped celebrated with her...

No more the 'baby'...she is 5 and starting Kindergarten this year!

*that is the sound of a Mama crying*

We love you Chloe girl!!!


TheRagan3 said...

happy birthday chloe girl! I can hardly believe that you are 5 and going to school this year. Seems like just yesterday I was watching you be born! Uncle Mike, Abraham and I love you SO SO much!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I had no idea it was her b-day this weekend. We could have baked a cake yesterday!! Happy Birthday Chloe!!

Genny said...

Time does fly! I can hardly believe my "baby" is going into second grade.

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