July 09, 2008

Game Over

I'm baaack...

It was an awesome week of vacation!  This is the overview ~ 

Lots of talk/laugh/fun time with our dear friends

4 hours plane time ~ 2 metal detector set offs

2 trips to the BEACH sooo not enough

1 visit to Disney World Magic Kingdom and all the super fun stuff that goes with that

1 zoo experience with splash pool fun

lots of swimming in the POOL

1 shopping trip to the mall

spectacular fireworks

lots of grilling out, staying up late and sleeping in

lots of reading 1 book and starting another from my book stack in the hammock

and just lots of loving time with our friends and Florida!!  :)

Now, it's back to real life...

both Joel and I are back to work today *sigh*

processing/editing close to 600 photos hee hee

attacking the laundry pile not too bad

enjoying VBS at church this week

catching up with family and friends

oh, and trying to read the FIVE.HUNDRED.and.EIGHTY-EIGHT blog posts in my reader!!  You people were 'Busy'!  ;)

Whoohoo, here we go!  Stay tuned for picts y'all...


Anonymous said...

Welcome home...sounds like you had such a fun time! Aren't vacations so fun? I can't wait until the next one...;)

Garden Girl said...


TheRagan3 said...

HURRY up already with the pictures!! I'D have had them on already... JUST KIDDING! Glad you had such a good time in FL. Can't wait to hear about it.

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