July 25, 2008

Dad Speaks

**My dad tried to leave this as a comment but it was too long...I must get my long-windedness from him!!  :)  Anyways, he wanted to 'take over my blog' but I assured him that I would post his response to my 'Party Hard' Bye Bye Debt post.  So without further ado...My Dad Speaks.**


Due to the tiny limit on the blog, I have to email this as it is not something that is easy to shorten. I love you more than tire shredding horse power!

Yet again, I am SO PROUD of my "Little Bird" and "J-man". I vividly remember how looming the debt seemed to all of us back then. We believed and affirmed that God was more than able! You took personal ownership of it and trusted His provision in His time.

Mom and I have watched you resist and overcome the powerful pull of pleasing "self" right NOW, no waiting. We saw you stay focused on the long-term purposing to do whatever "next thing" might be. You withstood the often debilitating crush and uncertainties of debt without loosing sight of the goal. You did not succumbed to the "How are we ever going to be able to" that haunts us in the dark places but remained faithful slowly, little by little, pressing on. I want you to know that God has "bettered" me through you beyond my words. Only God is truly Awesome and I see Him in you. PTL

**isn't my dad the BEST??!!!**


Oregon Criss's said...

What can I say to that? Makes tears gather and fall! What a Dad Kari!!! AND GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's an amazing feeling to be FREE and with that freedom comes sweet flexibility for whatever God has in store!
Love you friend!!

Mommy Cracked said...

There is nothing more beautiful than to see a dad openly praise his daughter like yours just did. Wonderful dads are truly a blessing.

Angela said...

Wow, I love that post. How awesome that your father expresses his feelings to you. My father has passed three years ago and it brought tears to my eyes to hear your father speak to you with so much love in his heart. Thanks for sharing. I especially like his point of how you learned not to please yourself right away and put yourself further into debt. He is so right that that is a fundamental problem for so many suffering huge debt problems. He is a wise man!

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