June 08, 2008

Sunday Grace

Pap and my son, Alex

Today my Sunday Grace is simply a prayer...

My Pap is in the hospital right now after experiencing symptoms of a stroke.  This isn't a new occurrence for him but each time it happens, we know that one of these times he isn't going to bounce back from it.  He's not a believer as far as I know and that weighs heavy on my heart.

Father God, 
I know that You know all things and are the blessed Controller of all.  I rest and trust in that truth today.  Would you draw Pap to Yourself?  Surround him with Your kids who may give testimony of Your love and grace to him.  I pray that you would reveal truth to his heart that he needs You desperately, as we all do.  If it be Your will, would you preserve his life yet again that he may come to know You in a real and powerful way.  I ask that You would give the Drs wisdom and clarity and they diagnose and treat Pap.  Guide their hands and bless them with skill and knowledge.  Thank You that You love Pap more than I do and You want what is best for him.  I love you, Father.  amen.



Anonymous said...

Oh, praying for Pap; for his heart and his healing!

Mom2fur said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pap. But between God and your family, he sure is surrounded by lots of love. I hope he heals quickly!

TheRagan3 said...

Praying with you sis... me

Mel said...

So sorry to here this, Kar. We are praying here for a healthy recovery!

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