June 07, 2008

Random Facts Meme

Since I recently joined the Mom Bloggers Club...I've found all kinds of new and fun bloggy friends!  One new friend that has been so fun to get to know is, Janel from Dandelion Dayz.  Janel has tagged me for a meme that I am finally getting around to do.  Thanks Janel for thinking of me...here goes!  :)

This meme is easy - Tell 6 random facts about yourself and then tag 6 others to do the same.

Ok, so since Janel asked for it...y'all get it!  

  • My sheets have to match my comforter...or else I can't sleep.  My kids outfits also have to match or I make them change.
  • I talk ALOT, I mean A.L.O.T but I'm quieter when I'm in a group or meeting new people.
  • I am a night-owl and I hate early mornings!
  • I worked at Applebees for a few weeks when I was in college but quit when they gave me all weekends and that shot my social life.  ;)
  • Photography is a dream pursuit of mine...I'd give anything to work alongside a professional and have them teach me all they know.
  • I have only one "claim to fame"...that is, my great-great grandfather carried President Abraham Lincoln out of the Ford's Theater after the President was shot.

Whoohoo, there ya go y'all...six random things about me you never wanted to know!  :)  

So I'm taggin'...you, you, you, you, you, and YOU!  That's six right?  If you read this then why don't cha' post it on your blog and leave me a comment and let me know?!  Thanks, you're a dear.



Janel said...

Oh Fun!!!

I talk alot too. A.L.O.T.

Thanks for playing!!!


Crazy Daisy said...

i too have a passion to be a professional photographer. I would LOVE to work at national geographic!

Brittany said...

Ok So I dress my kids alike too:)

Oh, and that great great grandfather fact is totally neat!

Sharon said...

Oh so fun to learn more about my new friend -- Thanks for being so transparent on your blog and sharing so openly! God bless.

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