June 09, 2008

Country Carnival

The month of June brings one of my all time fav things to do with the cherubs...CARNIVAL!  Oh, it's just so much fun...and I don't even ride anything!  Watching the kids faces is the best treat ever...hope you enjoy some snapshots of our time.

I just love this one...finally after about 6 trys, they went down together!!  :)


The Mom said...

FAB U LOUS photos, love the b/w and sepia tones!

Mel said...

Great shots!! I've been meaning to ask you what program you are using for your pix? Also how do you put your blog address on them? I want to make my pix look even better too!

Stephanie said...

Those are beautiful shots! "Magazine quality!" :)

TheRagan3 said...

You really have to DO SOMETHING with these shots... I see $$$!!!

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