June 30, 2008

Alex's 7th Birthday Bash

It was a beautiful Saturday for Alex's party, PTL! We had a wonderful time with family, neighbor friends, school friends and church friends...we are so blessed. The kids had a BLAST together and overall the party was a success...enjoy some of my fav shots! :)

What's a Party without a little Slip-n-Slide action??


Boys...100% full throttle

Chloe has one mode...ENJOYMENT!

We had ourselves a Water Balloon fight...those suckers hurt!  :)

2 cakes for the Bday boy...to feed the masses!

What a happy day for Alex...with his family and all his friends together!

The boy MADE OUT in the present area...

Present Heaven.

A little love for Alex...

Star Wars was Alex's choice for the theme this year!

Chloe and her friends Aislinn (cousin) and Rhiannon...boy, the intensity!

The 3 of us...a happy day!

Abraham, my nephew...the comedian!  ;)

That boy will have you pushing him ALL.DAY.LONG.

Us on the right with our friends the Eylers in the middle and Joel's brother and his wife on the left.  We had ourselves a good time!  :)  
pay no attention to my milk-white legs please!!

Later that evening...more present opening, if that was possible.

Chloe and her 'pal' Grandma...it was sooo special for Alex to have his grandparents at his party from Canada!

Yep, Star Wars again!

The Schmidt men before a figuring it out/putting it together session on the Star Wars battleship.

Alex LOVES Narnia!  Thanks Amy, Pete, Bella and Evie!!!  :)  xoxo

Chloe LOVED her books...the Large family is a FAV of ours!! 
Thanks Stanburys!!!  xoxo


Jessica said...

That looks like a great birthday celebration filled with tons of fun!

TheRagan3 said...

It was a fun day. Glad we got to join in the celebration!

Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

It looks like you all had a blast. Slip and slides rock!! Happy Birthday Alex!!

Sharon said...

Aw, I want to join that rockin' party! What BIG fun -- good for the birthday boy! We've been on vacation for 2 weeks, without internet access! That's what I call roughin' it. We'll be home later this week, and we're all ready. Funny thing -- I saw a shirt in the Cracker Barrel gift shop today that made me think of you -- it said "Just another day in paradise", of course! By the way, I'm flattered to be "tagged" by you -- do you have a fun questionnaire for me to answer or something?!

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