May 30, 2008

So much to little time

Actually this picture really sums up where I'm at about now!  Whew what a week  y'all hence the bloggy absence.  I'm alive truly I am but merciful heavens it's all jumbled up inside me and I haven't quite figured out how to get it all out!  So I'm posting to let y'all know that I have thoughts...I have many thoughts...they're in there...take my word for it.  :)

This past weekend my uncle and his girlfriend came to visit us for Memorial Day.  We had a blast with them and I have lots o'Bmore picts to share with you can enjoy the beauty of 'where I come from'.  I lost a whole bunch of outdoorsy yes, that IS a word picts since I had my camera set to raw and somehow they didn't import.  Groan.  But later I will post the Bmore picts for your viewing enjoyment.

Let's see what else...oh yah, only TEN more days til school's out!!!  I'm more excited than Alex.  :p  Must have something to do with my hatred for homework and tests.

I've had a job offer...yes, I know...more on that later!

And my husband is no longer eligible for his free ride scholarship to Mechanics school.  Gotta love those fine print govn't rules.  UGH.  So it's been a big bummer for us since he's already taken 3 classes out of the 11 in the course.  We owe them money for those and now we must pay for his upcoming classes.  Can I just say "It's NOT in the budget"????!!!!!!  To say it mildly.  We are pretty disappointed and wondering what in the world God is up to.  Struggling to remain in Faith and Rest in the truth that we know about God and His Word.  It's not faith when you 'get it' and can see how it will all work out.  It's FAITH when you can't see to put one foot in front of the other...that's where we are.  I'd sure appreciate your prayers for us as we work through this!  Thanks, y'all!

Ok, I'm gonna close this for now...I've babbled enough to let you know I'm still here and I'll be back with picts and a smile...can't wait to share how God worked these things out.  God is good, all the time.

Y'all have a GREAT and MARVELOUS weekend with your loved ones...


Sharon said...

YEA! So glad to see you again -- and glad that all is (overall) well. Bummer about the class costs, but maybe your new job will help offset that expense. Good job keeping the faith -- God has a plan for you, and keep resting in Him! It will all work out. Have a GREAT one, friend.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Welcome back - she said after her own week-long absence :)

With ya on the faith thing -- HAD to buy a used french horn for Dr. D this week, as he's no longer eligible for the free loaner once school ends next week. No idea where the money for that or for the following private lessons is coming from. But to ignore his gift and to NOT pursue further instruction at this time feels so completely wrong. But "It's NOT in the budget!" and we're looking heavenward for His provision!!!!!

Jaci Spain said...

First of all, can't believe ya'll still have 10 days of school. The kids are already out here. Second of all, can't wait to here more on the job offer. Third of all so sorry to hear about the scholarship thing:( What a bummer!

TheRagan3 said...

The Father knows our needs and He has always been faithful to meet them in HIS time. This time is no different. When you can't see His hand, trust His heart!

9 more days of getting up early... YAHOOO!!! I can't wait either!

Sarah said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Bummer about the scholarship. I'll pray that you will see how God wants to provide, and have peace.

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