May 03, 2008

It's Cooked...Whadda think??!! :)

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In the last Ultimate Blog Party (@ 5M4M), I met a wonderful new bloggy friend...Sarah @ Real Life. She also does Blog Designs and she was giving away a Free Design and I WON!! I was thrilled because Sarah is a not only a joy to know but also a joy to work with! I absolutely LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. what she came up with...somehow, she took my millions of ideas and came up with something that was exactly what I pictured and wanted. This design truly reflects me and the feeling that it's Just Another Day in Paradise! Sarah is a STAR in my book!! So THANK YOU, Sarah, for a wonderful job well done. Y'all go over and visit Sarah, if you're needing a blog design she's your girl!


Mel said...

I kinda cheated and saw the update last night as they were popping up on my Google Reader. It is awesome!! So fresh and makes me think of summer and the beach. 21 days left of school!!

theragan3 said...

this is a great design - makes me want something new for mine too... got any ideas!

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