May 20, 2008

I heart Kenny Chesney!!!!!

Yes, I am FINALLY posting about our ROCKIN' time at the Poets and Pirates Kenny Chesney Concert!!! Well, y'all it's taken me this long to get over the exhaustion from the BEST CONCERT that I'm recovered, here's the picts...the MANY picts as promised so y'all can feel like you were there rockin' with us! :)

My mom and sister heading into the stadium....a cool view of Bal'more! :)

Me and Erinn, could our smiles get ANY bigger????!!!

It was "supposed" to rain that day...this pict is for HA HA take that weather man ~
It was gorgeous and we were LOOOOOOVIN' it!!! :)

Can I just say that we LUVSELFPORTRAITS?! ;)

The M and T Stadium...home to the B-more RAVENS! Pretty dang sweet!

Gary Allan, wasn't familiar with his name but he's the guy who sings...
"I'm just sitting here watching airplanes..." I really enjoyed him, really good!

A little Leann Rimes...she was good, played some of her older stuff that I knew.

This is "BIG"...These guys were pretty fun!

This is "RICH"...

Brooks and Dunn were awesome! Loved these guys...

They were def a crowd pleaser!

At one point, they sang "Only in America" and the crowd went nuts!
They brought out 4 guys from each branch of the military...then red, white and blue streamers blew out everywhere! :)

The man we were ALL waiting for...
sweet logo for this year's tour, eh?

KENNY CHESNEY...need I say more?

OH YEAH, we were having a good time!!

Except for the fact that before the concert, my poor Mama fell on the street and fractured her wrist and elbow. BUT being the DEVOTED Kenny fan that she is...she PARTIED on all night, clapping on her leg and singing along with an ice pack on her arm. :) What a Trooper!!



Sharon said...

I'll ask my friend if Kenny mentioned you at the ACM after parties!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love your big SMILES! Looks like you all had a blast. Your poor mama, but what a good sport! A true fan...

Tonight, the two Davids! Can't wait!


Oregon Criss's said...

WOW! That would be seriously FUN!!! What a blast to go with your fam!!! I love it when you post lost of pictures!!!!

Mel said...

What a great night with the girls! Love the pix. Sorry to hear about your mom's fall, I hope she is feeling better.

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