May 05, 2008

Favorite Motherhood Moment

this photo was taken: 9/07

This is a fav of mine~

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the cherubs and I went down to the stream for a little hike. The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun exploring and being together. They were walking ahead of me when I snapped this photo...I am a big believer in pictures capturing the way I feel. Boy, did this hit the mark!

This moment frozen in time, gives life to the deep desire of my heart that my husband and I have to lead and guide our cherubs along the path of life...showing them all the beauty that God has surrounded them with and has in store for them up ahead. To teach them that there will be hills to climb and curves to navigate when they won't be able see what's around the bend. To encourage them with the truth that though there will be rough and rocky parts to walk through they can do all things as they cling to Jesus. They both have walking sticks to support them along the way, those are the life lessons, encouragement, and teaching that Joel and I give them every day to be added as "tools" in their life tool belt. And prayerfully, one day they will both come to realize the truth that their ultimate Guide is Jesus...He is all they will ever need!!

What a profound privilege and honor it is to be called 'Mom'!

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Jaci Spain said...


Becoming Me said...

I love this picture. Beautiful

TheRagan3 said...

This is one of my favorites of the kids too... so many good ones from this day in the woods. Good choice sis!

Heather said...


Alicia said...

Great picture-and a beautiful metaphor of our walk with Christ.

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