April 06, 2008

A Book Review ~ #4

Sisters, Ink

"Sisters, Ink is the story of four women who were all adopted into the same family - that of Jack and Marian Sinclair - in the little town of Stars Hill, Tennessee. The sisters are varied in a host of ways. From race to personality, marital status to expressions of faith, these girls are as different from each other as night from day! Yet they're bound by their love of scrapping, a love that was instilled by Marian (Momma) throughout their childhood. Even though Momma has passed on after a fight with breast cancer, the sisters still get together to scrap in Momma's old studio in the attic of the farmhouse. And there, amidst paper and scissors, tape runners and chipboard, they hash out life's happenings over the scrapping table Daddy made so many years ago."

I had never heard of Rebeca Seitz until I was blog hopping one day and there was a giveaway for this book and several ladies said it was really good. Browsing through the new books at the library, I saw it on the shelf and grabbed it up!! I am SO glad I did, y'all. :)

Sisters, Ink is a lighthearted and fun filled read that I would DEF recommend! Rebeca crafts a delightful story of family, friends, faith and fun (oh, and did I mention scrapbooking and romance?!). I don't even scrapbook myself (yet) but this sweet book made me want to!! I loved the touch of southern charm in this book and could identify with the wonderful sensation of "going home". This is the 1st book out in this coming soon 4 book series (I will totally be reading the rest in this series!).

Check out Katrina @ Callapider Days for more excellent book reviews!! Rebeca Seitz also has a wicked cute website and if you're a scrapper then you'll really want to check it out! Happy Reading!! :-)

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A Box of Chocolates said...

Sounds fun...I think I'm going to read it! It kind of reminds me of Debby Macomber's book about the woman who get together for knitting. I'll add it to my summer read list!

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