April 29, 2008

American Idol ~ top 5

~Neil Diamond night~

Jason Castro
~ "Forever In Blue Jeans" - I don't have much to say about this performance. It was just EH/OK and boring for me. Sorry! BTW, WHERE.IN.THE.WORLD.WAS.PAULA. tonite??!! I think Paula's brain left the building for a while...or maybe the whole night! :)
~ "September Morn" - Better than the first song but still weak and bland for me. It's almost like he believes he is out of his league and has just given up. I don't know. He didn't even try with these two songs.

David Cook
~ "I'm Alive" - Very good choices for him tonite! I liked his 'ruggedness', the shadow of a goatee, rocker jacket complete with the AC initials...very cool. I've never heard of this song before but I was impressed. Great job once again!
~ "All I Really Need Is You" - WOW. He ROCKED.THIS.ONE. This was my fav performance for him and for the night!! I 1,000% agree with Paula...we are looking at the next American Idol people, just admit it and vote. ;) I liked him with the guitar tonite...awesome. My sister and I agree...David Cook is the WHOLE.PACKAGE. VOTED. x 12. oh yes I did!

Brooke White
~ "I'm A Believer" - OH.DEAR.WHAT.WAS.THAT. Sorta strange, started out way too low and rough but got a bit better towards the end. She seemed so nervous with this one...way too cheesy for me. I'm worried for her.
~ "I Am I Said" - Much better than the first performance. I really like her at the piano with that "singer/songwriter" vibe...the feeling was great with this. She looked lovely tonite and her genuiness showed through on this song.

David Archuletta
~ "Sweet Caroline" - This was peppy and good but not extraordinary. It didn't seem like he did anything different with it. It was just ok for me.
~ "America" - A much better performance than the first one. Good choice obviously. He put more of himself into it but it just wasn't an outstanding night for him I thought. Average.

Syesha Mercado
~ "Hello Again" - She looked beautiful tonite but for mercy sake STOP.WITH.THE.BAREFEET. please and thank you! I LOVED her hair too...lovely. :) This was a pure and simple performance, very nice.
~ "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime" - This performance had more UMPF to it for me. It was really good!

BEST of the NIGHT:
do I really need to say it again??! Oh, ok...

HANDS DOWN no comparison here...David Cook is the BEST!!!

but that's just my opinion and all. ;)


Pajama Mama said...

Hi Kate,

I agree. David C's my fave. I hope he wins, for his sake and Chris Daughtry's....they're a little similar to me. Anyway, I wasn't referencing YOU in my blog when I mentioned Kate. It's another Kate...:).

Blessings, Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. David Cook is the bomb. That's so 1990's, isn't it?

Great blog!

theragan3 said...

the sister here saying YES YES YES David Cook all the way. And any of you Tiny Tim fans can just go away!! :)

littlerad said...

I agree David cook is my fav, and I hope he wins... I'm in Eastern time zone, so I know who they sent home tonight, but for you that have not had a chance to see it yet I won't tell...
I love the fact you have this on here for us that love the show...

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

David Cook is awesome, I agree. But I still just can't stop smiling when I see Jason. He is such a teenager, I just love his grinning face and I actually loved his performance. But, you know, what can I say. He isn't likely to win over David Cook or the other David. Unless all of his teen fans and mom fans unite to get out the vote! I'll miss him when he is gone, but I'm just glad he stayed around as long as he did. :-)

Happy May day,

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