April 01, 2008

AI ~ top 9

Dolly Parton night...

you gotta love that woman and those songs, yay! :) Here we go...

Brooke White ~ "Jolene" - I thought this was a fitting song for Brooke but it just wasn't her best performance tonite. She seemed a little off or maybe it was that she didn't jive with her backup singer. It was a sad sort of song and she kept smiling but I think it's cause she just loves being up there doing what she's doing...she just oozes smiles and happiness. Something was off tonite but still a big fan! VOTED.

David Cook ~ "Little Sparrow" - HA. HA. All those who said he "wasn't original"...put that in your pipe and smoke it!! He not only credited the arrangements of those he has sung the past few weeks but he did his OWN.ORIGINAL.ARRANGEMENT tonite, yes, m'am he did! AWESOME. VOTED.

Ramiele Maluby ~ "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" - This was sorta weird for me tonite. It seemed like the music was going country but she was singing a different vibe. She sounded pretty good though. Just Hmm for me.

Jason Castro ~ "Traveling Through" - OK. This was the FIRST time I really enjoyed Jason, I thought he did a great job with this tonite. Loved the song and thought this was def one of his best! (Melissa @ I.R. aren't you happy?)

Carly Smithson ~ "Here You Come Again" - I thought Carly did a great job...a very lovely ballad for a change. Pleasant. What the dear is Simon talking about her clothes for??! She looked great for pity sake!!! How embarrassing...Simon judge the singing and leave the style to others. VOTED.

David Archuletta ~ "Smokey Mountain Memories" - Yay, this was great! I really enjoyed his performance tonite...great song too! How cool to have songs about JESUS on American Idol!! :D VOTED.

Kristy Lee Cook ~ "Coat of Many Colors" - Ok. Nice dress but what's up with no shoes?? Kinda strange for me. I think it's time for her to go. Sorry.

Syesha Mercado ~ "I Will Always Love You" - First of all, she looked beautiful tonite. I really thought she did a GREAT job with this...I mean, WHO can sing like Whitney for goodness sake? She sounded pretty dang close to me! Great job, Syesha!!

Michael Johns ~ "It's All Wrong But It's All Right" - WOW!! Well, he looked great tonite and sounded even better! AWESOME. LOVED IT. VOTED.

BEST of the NIGHT:

it's a tie for me...can't decide...what did y'all think??


Jaci Spain said...

You crack me up! I like both of these guys. I also like Brooke and Carly!

Jaci Spain said...

Okay..shut up! You did not vote for David Archuletta! That kid drives me nuts:)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I am happy. Yes I am. Thank you very much. :-) I love Jason, he is just a goofy kid. I want to be his mom (it is a mom crush). But I would ask him to cut his hair. And I am pleased that David Cook got a new do. :-)

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