March 22, 2008


Happy Dance...I'm a winner! I SOO enjoyed myself partying with those lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom at the Ultimate Blog Party...and even better, I won something!! Coming in at winner #105 of a wonderful Book Package ('Living in Love with Jesus', a lovely journel, pen and Sucess from Home mag...yeah!) from Melissa Mashburn...whoopwhoop! THANK YOU, Melissa...I am so excited about my prize and about meeting YOU! :)


A Box of Chocolates said...

Congratulations! How cool to have won. I was bummed that I didn't participate this year, but I knew with my board's due date right in the midst of the party that I would end up partying way to much and not working. Let me know about any new blogs you would recommend. I am going to try to go visit some of the partygoers now that my boards are done. happy Saturday!

Mel's World said...

YEAH Kari!!! I am so glad that you won! You seem to be on some kind of awesome streak, huh!


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