March 14, 2008

AI top 12

Yay, top 12!! :D It was Lennon and McCartney night...I thought it was a really good night. A couple fantastic performances and a couple not-so-great performances. so here we go~~

Syesha Mercado - “Got To Get You Into My Life” - I've been a fan of Syesha's from the beginning but it seem slike she's having a bit of a hard time connecting with the "right song". She's got a great voice but really needs to pull one out!!

Chikezie - “She’s A Woman” - WOW. WOW. He rocked this song, baby! I've been on the fence about this guy but tonite's performance was wicked! :)

Ramiele Malubay - “In My Life” - Oh dear. I don't know, in the beginning I was just struck by Ramiele but she's getting lost in the mix somehow. Not sure if it's her song choices or what. Her vocals are awesome though.

Jason Castro - “If I Fell” - He has a good voice, sorry I'm just not a big fan. But he does seem to really pick good songs for his niche.

Carly Smithson - “Come Together” - WOW. LOVE IT. WOW. Really really BIG fan of Carly's, I think she is doing fantastic in this competition and can't wait to see her each week!

David Cook - “Eleanor Rigby” - OH YEAH. ROCK IT. Loved it once again this week, David is just too cool! Love that little half smile he gets when he knows he's hitting it. Great great!

Brooke White - “Let It Be” - LOVE HER. LOVELY. What in the world is there with Brooke NOT to love?? She's wonderful and picks perfect songs and I really feel something when she sings.

David Hernandez - “I Saw Her Standing There” - UM. NO. sorry

Amanda Overmyer - “You Can’t Do That” - I'm not a huge fan of Amanda's genre but I will say that if I did like her style, I would LOVE her. She can rock!

Michael John - “Across The Universe” - I really really like Michael but tonite was not great fr me. However, I loved that he picked a song that he really connected to and you could feel that.

Kristi Lee Cook - “Eight Days A Week” - UGH. This was a really bad arrangement of this song. Y'all you know I love country but oh my, no!

David Archuleta - “We Can Work It Out” - He is one of my favs but tonite he was off his game. It just seemed like he wasn't comfortable with the song and that could be just his age coming out (for once). But still I'm a BIG big fan!!

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