March 19, 2008

AI top 11

~Beatles night~
Ok, first off...not too sure why it was Beatles night after last week was Lennon and McCartney, that was a little rough. Overall, it was a just 'ok' night in my opinion. So here goes~
Amanda ~ "Back in the U.S.S.R." She did her usual take on this song, it was decent. I did understand the judges encouragement to try something a little different but I doubt she'll go there. But she's cool cause she is who she is!
Kristy Lee Cook ~ "You Got To Hide Your Love Away" I must admit it was better than last week but still just not one of my favs. It seemed too low for her and she was kinda flat. I think she is a great girl, unassuming but she's just not ready to run with the big dogs yet.
David Archuletta ~ "The Long and Winding Road" PURE. Love this kid!! He looked great...and sounded great tonite! SWEETNESS. {Paula had a great quote for him, "Challenges don't build character, they reveal it". pretty profound}
Michael Johns ~ "A Day in the Life" I totally get why he sang the song for his friend. I just think the deal is in this competition you cannot afford to just sing songs you 'like' have to sing songs that showcase your talent. Still a big fan of his and he looked so slick last nite too. Come on, Michael...we know you got it in you!!
Brooke White ~ "Here Comes the Sun" SMILE. Well, her dress was really cute! I still really really like her. She just fell a little short of finding the right song but I can see how hard it would be to compete with her performance of 'Let It Be'.
David Cook ~ "Daytripper" I thought David did a fantastic arrangement of this song...wicked sweet guitar playing and I rather liked the 'voice box solo' thingy he did. I am a big fan! ROCK. IT. BABY.
Carly Smithson ~ "Blackbird" Carly was great once again. I wasn't totally taken with the song but the girl SANG. IT. She looked lovely last night. Love her!!
Jason Castro ~ "Michelle" Sorry. Just not feeling this guy. He has a just 'ok' voice for me and the performance level is just not there.
Syesha ~ "Yesterday" FINALLY. She got the song right for herself. I thought this def was her best performance for a while. LOVED her dress and earrings! ;)
Chikezie ~ "I've Just Seen a Face" WHAT. He looked great last nite and I was feeling the vibe of the first part of the song...that sweet R & B style he does so well. Then he switched it to country with a harmonica...leaving me saying, WHAT??? Dude. What up with that?
Ramiele ~ I Should Have Known Better" CHEESE. This girl can BLOW, why is she not getting a great song choice for herself? Man, I really love her voice but I'm afraid that it will be her and Kristy in the bottom Wednesday night. Sorry.
BEST of the NIGHT:


theragan3 said...

no way! Man of the night award goes to David Cook. I like him more and more... as for Kristi Lee Cook - God, get her off of there! She is just not what the rest are. Love Carly for sure. Michael Johns needed some help last night but I still love him...
just my opinion, don't stone the messenger!!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Kristy needs to leave this week and then Ramiele next week. They are fab singers but just can't find their niche!! LOVE DAVID COOK! Yummy!

Cobblestones said...

Carly was excellent. I canNOT believe she's in the bottom three!!

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