March 05, 2008

AI season 7

Ok, I have been a fan of AI since it began and this season is going to be incredible! Lots of big talent this year for sure. I must admit, right now the guys are beating the girls in my opinion but that could all change...we shall see! :) These are my favs so far~~

This guy is my him! He is just 17 yrs old, from UT and is incredible. Can't wait to see how he grows in the competition.

I really like David too, he is 25 yrs old and from MO (can't hold that against him ;) I love that he is a believable rocker!

Michael is awesome!! Killer accent AND he's 29 yrs old (what a great age)...gotta pull for the "older" guy!! ;) I love how cool and collected he is.

Brooke is so sweet, what's not to love? She's 24 from AZ...she's really good. I'm interested to see if she will vary her choices in songs.

I really like Carly! Love her voice and LOVE the tattoos...she's 24 and from CA (but she's orgin from Ireland...hello?! wicked!)

I liked Ramiele from the beginning...although she needs to pull something out this week to stay in I think.

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