February 22, 2008

No School!!


Well, we woke up to a 5:50 a.m. (yes in the morning!!) phone call...so once I stumbled in the dark out of my deep slumber and found the PHONE...we were notified that SCHOOL was CLOSED today! And while I like having Alex home with us...it just means that he goes looonger into the summer. :( But it's all good and Alex and Chloe are outside now playing with their little neighborhood friend, building a fort. I'm not sure if we'll ever recover from the huge amount of snow we got dumped on us...so you'll have to excuse us while we try to dig out from the INCH of SNOW we have on our front lawn! Maybe I should start with the sidewalk?? Oh wait, Alex already cleared that...hmm, maybe I shouldn't joke, the worst could be coming YET!!! ;D


theragan3 said...

don called me too this AM at 5:50!! scared the b-geebies out of me! :)
Just wait for the 1/2 inch of ice we are supposed to have...
Looking forward to getting out of school on... July 1??? NOT!

Gilpatriclife said...

At least you only have an inch, we still have about 3 feet of snow and it snowed again on Friday. It seems like our kids here in Northern Maine might not have an April vacation.
Looking forward to seeing you and the family next weekend (hopefully I can fly in with all that snow you have!!).

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